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Three surfers have been hailed heroes after they saved a woman from drowning in the seas off South Fistral, Newquay.

A three-metre-high wall of water tried to pull the unnamed 38-year-old Londoner away just before 5pm on Friday, as she struggled to surf in choppy conditions.

Jordan Henwood, who was riding the waves nearby, saw the woman struggling and managed to pull her up onto some rocks.

However, the forceful water came crashing against them yet again and pulled them back in.

Mr Henwood’s friends, Will Eastham, 36, and Dean Scott, 20, then swam over to help.

The woman was pulled away from the harsh, rolling waves by Mr Eastham, while Mr Scott threw his surfboard to Mr Henwood so that he could stabilise himself.

They then took the woman further out to sea where the waves weren’t breaking and waited for a lifeboat.

‘I picked her up and dumped…

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