When Bullet Fails



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On October 9, 2012, cowardly Taliban gunmen attacked a bus filled with schoolgirls in Peshawar, the capital of KPK,  a province of Pakistan. Their aim was to assassinate Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old girl.  Though another girl and a teacher were also injured in this dastardly attack.


While the rascal was aiming at Malala to shoot her down he may not be aware that he is about to stimulate a vicious cycle that tends to produce so many Malalas. In case he knew it he would not have pressed the trigger. Now where there is hope there is Malala. When v talk about educating children of the world, Malala,  by default, is conceived in our minds and hearts. Malala lives in every one of us who ever is progressive and hold flag of freedom high in their hands. Today when we talk of Malala its not that we just talk about ‘Children of the World’ but some or the other way we all have started observing and feeling that the Malala that lives in every one of us has awakened.



Who knows, even, Malala Yousafzai, that one day she will be known as an ICON for the courage, passion and motivation to the entire world. Today’s world, despite divergence of view point and concerns over a creed pertaining to that part of land which she  belongs to, love and respect  Malala Yousufzai.



ImageEducating woman itself is a mechanism that determines the freedom of woman. A freedom of speech or choice or for that matter their rights. Over the past few years, Malala Yousafzai, has become symbol of freedom for women and girls and the struggle against the brutality and repression inflicted by  Taliban, in particular, on the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why, Taliban, targeted Malala Yousafzai?  The direct and simple answer to this they could not digest her open opposition and her endeavor to promote education, in particular, for girls. But in the bigger scenario their purpose was to suppress rights of today’s women and keep them deprived of from the jewel of education and ultimately from freedom.


Malala’s  stand was for education, progress and the advancement of children of all ages and from all creeds. Today’s entire world stands beside her in this noble cause. She stands for ideals that value girls and women and their equal place in human society.



To realize how good her impact is, watch this amazing CNN interview with Malala One can find a very young girl, talking so wise, revealing her fears, her hopes, and her dreams.  Her unflinching resolve is evident from her attitude to confront the enemies of education, freedom and justice (i.e. the Taliban). She is unequivocally expressive and on absolute clarity to let the world know what she is all about.


Kevin Mirallas admits he expected red card for challenge on Luis Suarez


Kevin Mirallas has admitted he expected to be sent off for his challenge on Luis Suarez in Saturday’s fiery Merseyside derby, as Football Association sources confirmed the Everton winger would not receive retrospective punishment.

The Belgian, who scored Everton’s opening goal in a 3-3 draw, was booked for clattering into Suarez in the 36th minute of the game, with Liverpool’s Uruguayan forward left with stud marks on his knee.

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers felt Mirallas should have been red-carded, and Mirallas has revealed he expected the worst.

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‘When I made the challenge the first thing I thought was that it was going to be a red card,’ he said.

‘I was genuinely going for the ball but I know I caught him on the knee and I said sorry straight away.’

An angry Rodgers claimed after the game that is was the sort of tackle…

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Nintendo Wii Mini headed to the US by mid-November priced at $99.99



Startup News Fresh


Nintendo has announced that a smaller version of its Wii games console called the Wii Mini will go on sale in the US in the next two weeks priced at just under $100.
Naturally, it’ll run all the same Wii …

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Tylr Mobile nabs $250K more from Salesforce.com for its smart mobile inbox (exclusive)



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Tylr Mobile’s Marlin Scott and Ryan Nichols

Nov. 12 – 13, 2013
San Francisco, CA

Tickets On Sale Now

Tylr Mobile is part of a generation of business-focused startups that are fully focused on mobile.
Cofounders Ryan Nichols and Marlin Scott are veterans …

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What if Wacom Built a Tablet Computer? They Are.



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If you are a designer or artist working with digital tools like Photoshop or Illustrator, you might have had a chance to work with the Wacom Cintiq. If you are unfamiliar with the Cintiq, it is Wacom’s monitor/input tablet combined. It allows you to draw and paint right on the surface, mimicking an actual physical work surface.

If you are an iPad or other tablet user, you have probably installed a few creative apps like Procreate, or ArtRage and use your tablet for sketching, drawing, photo-retouching, etc. with some kind of input stylus. And while your stylus does a pretty good job, in many ways it is not a substitute for your Wacom tablet or Cintiq. The fact is most styluses, have larger input tips, and almost all of them don’t offer pressure sensitivity like the Wacom. So, why hasn’t Wacom jumped into the tablet fray? Well they have.


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